• Highly experienced jewellers create beautiful pieces

Welcome to Fremantle's

Piercing Places

Welcome to Framantle's Piercing Places. We provide professional piercing services, excellence in piercing follow up care, and the largest section of piercing jewellery in Australia. Piercing Places listens to our clients, and our highly experienced jewellers create beautiful pieces that complement your individual style and needs. We are pleased to launch an extensive range of 18k gold jewellery, including 9k gold jewellery drops, which you will not find anywhere in the world. Our 9k white gold jewellery drops look just like silver, but are much better quality. We've created this option because, due to the acid in some people's bodies,silver can turn against the skin.

A Class Above The Rest

The Piercing Places was first established as a professional body piercing shop, specialising in quality and service. As demand for our unique, quality jewellery has grown we have continued working with our highly skilled jewellers to improve our jewellery and expand our product line.